Umrah 2013 Part 1 - The flight

Assalamualaikum .

Hello there ! Just wanna sharing my little thing experience . 
I'll try to upload all my HD (High-Definition) photo . Exclude video because Keek only limit at 360p only . I'll try upload on YouTube with 1080p quality . InsyaAllah .

 " Let the photo describe the story "

Here we go :)

13 days 11 nights
4 days Madinah  and 9 days Makkah .

8 hours flight From Malaysia at 10:15AM(Malaysia time) . Arrived 1:20PM (Madinah time) -5hours Arab Saudi lambat 5 jam 

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA)


My sister said to me , "Jaga mak ayah dekat sana , jangan macam-macam "

 15 MAY 2013 .
Selepas pergi kursus umrah , dapat barang such as pakaian Ihram , beg tarik , and beg sandang .At night packing barang and excited for tomorow :) Bertolak dari rumah pukul 6 pagi . Kena check in barang before 7 pagi .


Gate 1 

Tunggu Aerotrain sampai . To next gate.  I weirdoss with my teeth


Naik Aerotrain and turun disini and ke gate C37 

Waiting for flight .For the last time I'm contacting my friends before flight .

Last gate . I'm the last person que .


                          May 26, 2013 | High high , I'm so high ~ Flyyy #MAS #KLIA #Bored Flight 8hours non stop . by ArifJemali on Keek.com

From my left . The windows . Outer temperature -47 degree . At speed 975-1020km/hour . 
Seat 21A 

Lunch time 

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